About Little Smiles

Little Smiles’ mission is to help kids escape the reality of their unfortunate circumstances, even if it’s for a short period of time. Little Smiles' main goal is to put a smile back on their faces. Little Smiles responds to the needs of the children, and provide whatever Little Smiles can to make a child’s day a little brighter.

Imagine being a 7 year old child with an illness or an unfortunate circumstance that prevents you from enjoying the simple things in life. Playing outside or going to a friend’s house, these are the things we take for granted. Many of Little Smiles children’s daily routine consists of ongoing medication regimen, needles, various medical treatments, and everyday pain, as well as the inability to be a child due to circumstances beyond their control.

Little Smiles is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) volunteer organization that provides toys, games, DVD’s, computers, VIP outings, celebrity meet & greets, concerts, sporting event tickets, theme park tickets, junk food runs, Nerf® gun wars & much much more... for children in local hospitals, hospices and shelters through out South Florida.

The Philadelphia Chapter

Little Smiles Philadelphia was started by a relative and a close friend of Paul Donohue, the founder of Little Smiles, Inc. Florida and is an independant affiliate. It is with great passion that, in accordance with the Little Smiles mission statement, Little Smiles Philadelphia has assisted and continues to assist thousands of children in the City of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Little Smiles Philadelphia's dedicated board of directors and volunteers work unselfishly day in and day out to provide "little smiles" for the children who need it most in Philadelphia!